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The only limit to creativity is the imagination

The only way to do a good job is to love what you do

Hello, I’m Pablo García, I was born in Argentina in 1971. When I was in elementary school, my father gave me my first camera. A small pocket camera with film that I used to capture events that were interesting to me at that time in my life. I remember taking a picture of a girl I liked and my first report at a town festival. What a great emotion when that roll ended and I had to wait for the photographs already developed by the laboratory to arrive. They were simple planes that, however, made tenderness with all their imperfections.

I continued cultivating this passion and recording social events and other passages from my personal life and from family and friends in various circumstances. In the early 90’s I jumped into the world of video with an 8mm, but my heart was always in photography. Landscape, architecture and street photography, as well as travel reports have always held a special place in my life. In 2011 with the birth of my daughter I bought my first DSLR and after a while I began to take this fantastic world of photography more seriously.

They always asked me to report on various school events, other social and sporting events and record different moments with my shots. So I decided it was time to start thinking big and gain the experience of a freelance photographer. I started following foot races, patron saint festivities, school parties, taking portraits especially of children and creating memories of unique moments, such as birthdays and family reunions. I then started adding new equipment and gaining experience with still life and product, e-commerce, and stock photography.

My jobs

advertising photography

What is a product photographer?

The product photographer or advertising photographer is exclusively oriented to create images of the product that make it known, with the intention that this image generates a purchase intention, or interest to potential customers.

The product photographer is a professional who obtains images where, with his skill and knowledge of controlling the lighting in it, he manages to highlight all the characteristics of qualities, dimensions, materials and textures, turning a simple 2 dimensions photo into an art with the characteristics of the 3 dimensions.

The product photographer can achieve through their images that the product seems as if we had it in our hands and also increase the visual impact and the desire to own and buy. It is important to know that professional product photographers are not all those photographers who intend to take product photos, since advertising photography is a photographic discipline that is more technical and complicated than all the others.

In short, if your desire is to obtain a faithful and professional photograph of your products, it is best to deal only with professional product photographers and thus you can verify the quality of the techniques and final results.

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